Cow wearable device with
herd manager mobile/web app


All data collected is analyzed and provides insight and actions to the farmer through easy to understand data visualizations on their smartphone/tablet.


  • Range of 300M+
  • Battery life of 24 Months
  • Waterproof, shockproof and tested extensively on existing farm.
  • Lifetime: 5 years
  • All-inclusive 2 year sensor warranty
  • Insights of Mobile App

  • Identifies the most profit and loss making cattle from the entire herd
  • Easily input cattle information, their tag numbers, birth dates, parent information, reproductive status etc.
  • It categorize cattle on the basis of their status and set alerts. It let you move animal from one category to another manually and provides a quick access to individual animal data.
  • View reproductive status to identify animal with pregnancy due dates, proximity of the date of drying cows and forecast return to estrus.
  • Estrotell mobile app together with the sensor provides convenient access and control to your farm data from anywhere.

    Calving Cycle

    Learn the current stage of the cow

    Record Events

    Gives actionable information on the reproduction cycle of every cow. Record critical information as artificial insemination date & time, bull used for insemination


    Creates a timeline of calving cycle of every cow. Records date and time of AI, calving, lactation number, dry- off period.


    The sensor detects heat and sends alerts on farmer’s mobile. Get other calving, pregnancy and dry-off period related alerts


    Farm data is always safe, with online backup and restore


    Estrotell with herd manager mobile& web app Estrotell with herd